Robert Garone Financial Advisor

Robert’s dedication to serving his clients hasn’t diminished, even after more than 35 years in the financial services industry. “I always put client needs first and make sure recommendations are not only in their best interest, but the most cost-effective,” said Robert.

“I want each client to feel like they are an important client regardless of the size of the portfolio, and for them to know I will be responsive to their goals and concerns and make appropriate investment recommendations.”

The majority of his clients are retired individuals who seek a sustainable stream of income so they can enjoy a comfortable retirement, and who also want seasoned guidance on estate and gift planning. Robert’s clients also include owners of professional businesses who he advises on retirement plan needs and wealth accumulation. 

“I always stress to my assistant that we are not just in the investment industry, but in a service industry. We will respond to all calls and emails the same day and keep clients informed of progress to their concerns. I strive to always be there – evenings, weekends and during vacation – to help my clients through adverse times in the market as well as during their personal difficulties.”

Robert’s daily regimen extends beyond the normal 9-to-5 workday. “Mornings, I concentrate on the three managed portfolios I run: Growth and Income, Growth Equity and Aggressive Growth. During the day, I take care of client needs and perform client reviews. In the evenings, I concentrate on research and planning,” Robert said. “Every day is different. The world and technology are constantly changing, so I am always learning something new.”

Robert began his career in 1980 at the Merrill Lynch home office in New York City, later transferring to the Washington, D.C., office. In 1990, he moved to Shearson in Tysons Corner, Virginia, where he managed portfolios for business owners and corporate executives.

After 29 years at his previous firms, Robert joined the metro D.C. office of Capitol Securities in March 2009 for two very important reasons. “First, I wanted a firm small enough to allow me to pick up the phone and talk to the CEO, but big enough to have the technology for me to run my business efficiently.

“Second, I wanted the flexibility to decide what was best for my clients,” Robert said. “What I have found is that while managed accounts can meet most needs, long-term fixed income holdings and liquid assets can save the client money in a traditional account. Hence, most of my clients have a hybrid portfolio with growth assets in a managed portfolio and a traditional account for short-term liquidity needs and long-term income assets.”

Robert grew up in Wantagh, New York, on the south shore of Long Island. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, traveling, hiking along Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway, and going anywhere there is a beach.